Finsolv® SLB-201 is a highly hydrophilic benzoate ester that leaves a silicone-like feel on the skin and is designed to be used in aqueous systems where clarity and/or high degree of emollient solubility is desirable. It can be useful in all types of skin, hair and decorative products for its spreading properties, improved lubricity and dispersion of pigments. It is also useful in treatments of fibres, textiles and non-woven substrates such as tissues and wipes lending a smooth hydrophilic finish in skin cleansing applications.

Finsolv® TPP is a proprietary blend of three unique benzoate esters, which exhibit performance synergy in numerous personal care product areas: exceptional solvent for sunscreen actives, exhibits exceptional tactile and performance improvements over the individual materials, and is soluble in a wider range of materials than its individual components.

Finsolv® TN is a unique non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitising, non-comedogenic and practically odourless emollient ester. It is water insoluble, readily emulsifiable. This product is a superior solubiliser of lipophilic cosmetic raw materials, especially sunscreen agents and volatile silicones, has a high positive spreading coefficient, anti-tack agent and anti-whitening, imparts a dry lubricating feel even in the presence of large amounts of mineral oil or petrolatum, and is a wetting agent and auxiliary suspending agent for water insoluble powdered products.

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