Fuel Additives
Our Fuel Additives are used by terminals, distributors, marketers, aftermarket blenders/formulators and end users in marine, power, mining, agriculture and land transport industries to overcome contamination problems, enhance performance, reduce consumption and emissions and protect their fuel.

Fuel Manufacture
Our portfolio of refinery Chemicals provides cost effective chemistry for petroleum and bio refiners to optimise production, meet fuel specification and address safety concerns.

Oil Field Chemicals
We supply a wide range of performance chemicals to various oil field applications. Our solutions and valued added services act as enablers for our customers to achieve maximum results in their oil field operations and helping to maximise productivity and profitability.
We have a range of bespoke packages from engineering services to innovative logistic solutions – designed to give our customers a fully integrated technical solution.

Engineering Services
We are able to seamlessly manage the most complex of orders covering areas such as dangerous goods, remote locations, decanting and specialised labelling. We provide onsite bulk storage, dosing equipment, fluid powered injectors and fuel additive testing and qualification.

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