Used and trialed extensively in Australia and overseas, our multifunctional diesel fuel additive range is suitable for use in all types of diesel including bio-diesel. 

We have additives which prevent thermal degradation of fuel under extremes of  pressure and temperature thereby reducing fuel system deposits, as well as cleaning up existing deposits.

This leads directly to reduced nozzle and injector fouling thus providing benefits of improved fuel economy, acceleration and lower emissions. These multifunctional additives can also be used to boost fuel cetane levels providing  improved starting, smoother combustion, reduced emissions, and lower engine noise levels.

ECOCLEAN® – Maximise your diesel performance

ECOCLEAN® is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive series that does more than deliver enhanced performance and reduced maintenance. Using ECOCLEAN® will reduce harmful exhaust emissions by controlling deposits, reducing wear and improving combustion.

Whether your fleet consists of today’s top tier engines, older equipment, or a combination of both, ECOCLEAN® is equally beneficial. Decades of experience with major mining companies and understanding their demand for superior fuels has led to the development of this solution based performance additive.

ECOCLEAN® Benefits:

  • Reduces downtime by as much as 50%
  • Optimise fuel economy
  • Decrease fuel emissions
  • Increase catane number
  • Improve lubricity
  • Improve winter operability
  • Prevents thermal degradation
  • Prevent injector fouling
  • Extend fuel filter and pump life
  • Restore and maintain engine power

By working together we can deliver the best fuel possible for your diesel application.

Get in touch with us today and learn how ECOCLEAN® can benefit your business.

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