VpCI® for Industry’s Toughest Corrosion Challenges

Do you have a problem with corrosion in your business? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly solution?

A S Harrison & Co offer Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®), an innovative and leading edge corrosion solution to help asset managers and engineers win the fight against corrosion.

Cortec® VpCI® technology is a revolutionary, environmentally safe and cost-effective option for corrosion protection. It is a volatile, amine-based corrosion inhibitor which provides superior protection compared to traditional direct contact inhibitors.

VpCI® can be used for protection and preservation in a range of applications:

  • Electronics
  • Process additives
  • Metalworking
  • Coatings
  • Packaging & plastics
  • Water treatment
  • Surface preparation
  • Lubricants & automotive
  • Powders

How Does VpCI® Protect Against Corrosion?

VpCI® forms a mono-molecular layer which protects against both anodic and cathodic corrosion. VpCI® will provide protection to a wide range of metals and will protect metals even if they are not in direct contact with the product.

Use of VpCI® can result in significant cost saving as it eliminates labour associated with regular corrosion maintenance or the need for highly specialised alloys.

Environmental Benefits

VpCI® is environmentally friendly and safe option for corrosion prevention. These products offer excellent protection while minimising the impact on the environment.

  • No or very low volatile organic compounds – VOC’s
  • No carcinogenic compounds
  • No chromates, borates, or heavy metals
  • Nitrate Free
  • Non-toxic and FDA approved products
  • Organic and biodegradable formulation available

VpCI Application

VpCI® protection is most effective when used in confined spaces, such as in electronic and electrical control housings or wrapped in plastic packages. It can also be embedded into coatings where the coating acts to confine the VpCI® chemical. Within reasonable limits, VpCI® provides self-replenishing protection.

VpCI® corrosion inhibitors are available in wide array of different forms such a powders, liquids, plastics and many more to suit every application.

Steel Wool Corrosion Time lapse by Cortec®

Demo of VpCI® in tap water. VpCI® molecules absorb onto metals providing multiphase protection.