We provide cleaning chemicals for removal of severe organic foulants from ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) systems. In addition, we have available corrosion inhibitors and flocculants suitable for potable water distribution systems.

Our antiscalants, antifoulants, cleaning chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and flocculants  are NSF/ANSI 60 certified for use in potable water applications. We can also supply small self-contained reverse osmosis plants.

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CASE STUDY: The impact of ferrous ion oxidation on silica scaling in RO systems

A 23 ML/day reverse osmosis plant in South Texas that was using chlorine to oxidize arsenic for improved membrane rejection was experiencing severe membrane fouling.

A cleaning study was performed in AWC’s labs to determine the best cleaning chemicals and methodology for recouping the membranes’ performance. Lab simulations were then performed to determine the optimal product and dosage for inhibiting scale. The normalized data showed excellent control of the scaling and significantly extended times between cleaning using AWC A-108FE.


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CASE STUDY: Antiscalant impacts water reclamation efforts

Water reuse efforts in the West Coast are a priority and have the Ground Water Replenishing System (GWRS) of the Orange County Water District (OCWD) utilising new technologies for water conservation. The AWC A-110 was developed around OCWD’s complex waste water feed, and was designed specifically for control of high phosphate and silica scales in the presence of ferric ion carryover.


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