Due to unprecedented changes in today’s marine industry such as the introduction of new emission legislation, the use of lower sulfur fuel and more complex engine design to reduce emissions, it is important that ship owners are able to rely on their lubricants to meet and exceed these expectations.

The additive packages offered can be used to blend a complete range of oils for marine and power generation applications: Trunk Piston Engine Oils, Marine Cylinder Lubricants and System Oils. It accommodates all current fuel types and sulfur ranges in addition to a wide coverage of Base Number level.

Chevron Oronite – Adding Up in Marine Lubricant Additives

As a leader in marine lubricant additive technology, Chevron Oronite leverages relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and monitors key industry trends in the marketplace. This enables them to deliver timely new products to help meet evolving lubrication needs and emission regulations. Watch this video to learn more about how their marine additive products can add up for you!