Natural gas engines are required to burn a variety of gases such as sour gas, containing sulfur, wet gas containing butane and landfill or digester gas containing methane and carbon dioxide.

Additives used in natural gas engine oil provide protection against wear, oxidation, nitration (from degradation of the oil) and deposit control. The low ash additive packages provide extended drain in base stock formulations and meet the performance of leading OEM requirements.

Small engines can be categorised into two-stroke and four-stroke cycles. These engines can be found in motorcycles, scooters, gardening equipment and outboard sports. The two-stroke cycle engines are normally air or water-cooled whilst four-stroke cycle engines are increasingly found in motorcycles for better emission control. Typically these engine oils will meet the performance of American Petroleum Institute (API), Japan Automobile Standards Organization (JASO) and/or National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

Combining Strengths for Superior Natural Gas Engine Oils

Chevron Oronite provides natural gas engine oil customers with a high level of support in various applications.