A S Harrison & Co have been supplying specialty lubricant products to the Australian market going back to the 1950’s, and is a key supply partner to the Australian Department of Defence. A S Harrison & Co have partnered with a range of world leading suppliers to offer a selection of finished lubricants designed for extreme performance.

A S Harrison & Co specialise in sourcing and supplying oils and greases for the following applications:

  • MIL-SPEC products: where there is a requirement for a Military Specification
  • Aviation: where there is the requirement for high performing products
  • PTFE: where extreme performance is required – chemical stability, high temperature or low temperature applications

Based on our strong, long term relationships with global suppliers to the worlds defence forces, including the USA and Europe, A S Harrison & Co has the capability to source and supply virtually all MIL-SPEC and DEF-STAN approved products.

A S Harrison & Co has also partnered with a leading manufacturer of PTFE oils and greases which can be used in extreme applications such as extreme high or low temperature, or where a high level of chemical stability is required.

Whatever your PTFE, Aviation or Defence lubrication needs in Asia –Pacific, especially MIL-SPEC and DEF-STAN qualified products, A S Harrison & Co is the right business partner for you.

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