A S Harrison & Co offers a specialised range of finished PTFE lubricants to the highest end of the lubricant market that require unique and technologically advanced solutions.

PFPE (Polyfluropolyethylene) oils are made from only fluorine, carbon, and oxygen, these oils are synthesised with a high level of precision, allowing for the viscosity to be controlled by varying the molecular weight. Due to the highly stable nature of the molecule, these oils have unique properties such as a high level of chemical compatibility, performance over a wide temperature range, longer operating times and offer superior lubrication to hydrocarbon alternatives. These oils are made into greases through the addition of a PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene) thickener, which uses the same technology to produce greases with equivalent properties to the oils.

Perfluorinated oils and greases deliver high performance, which can be further enhanced by the addition of anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives to deliver a finished lubricant offering top tier performance in almost every application. Our range of performance lubricants provide extreme performance and extended life as lubricants, sealants and dielectrics helping to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

A S Harrison & Co have partnered with a world leading manufacturer of PTFE lubricants and offer a wide range of products for every application.

Bearing (clipping path included) two oxygen cylinders