Spacekraft-Export-with-cassette, sustainable IBCsAdding value with sustainable IBCs

A S Harrison & Co introduce our new, sustainable IBC packaging solution – SpaceKraft Boxes. This innovative cardboard packaging solution is another initiative of A S Harrison & Co adding value to your business.

Offered as an alternative to regular IBCs, SpaceKraft boxes provide operational efficiency, space efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

These robust and collapsible boxes come with numerous benefits:

  • Store more product – each SpaceKraft box can hold up to 1000kg of product
  • Pump out faster – through a combination of the larger 3inch outlet valve and the innovative air assisted bags the product can be extracted faster than a regular IBC
  • Collapse for easy storage and transport when empty – The empty bladder can be removed and the boxes fold flat for easy storage
  • Provide further safeguards against contamination
  • Reduce environmental impact – SpaceKraft boxes are eco-friendly and made from 100% renewable fibre

SpaceKraft Packaging Trial

In February, A S Harrison & Co introduced a new, sustainable IBC packaging solution – SpaceKraft Boxes. Since its introduction, we have completed a successful trial phase and ready to move into commercialisation of the ECO-FRIENDLY SpaceKraft packaging.

SpaceKraft Benefits

Operational efficiency for your business

SpaceKraftJust one SpaceKraft Box can do the job of up to five drums! This sharply reduces the time and labour required for filling, emptying and handling multiple containers. As a replacement for returnable IBCs, SpaceKraft eliminates the high cost of maintenance and return transportation. Unlike some collapsible IBCs, SpaceKraft requires no additional wood or metal parts and can be easily & quickly assembled and collapsed by one person.


Superior performance

SpaceKraftThe structure is made from continuously wound liner board and corrugated medium to create a package that is 6-10 layers thick with no seam. The SpaceKraft construction has no joints, rivets or seams – just a smooth seamless interior. The corner formation yields extraordinary stacking strength – over 20 tons of compression without any wood, plastic or metal components meaning that three full boxes can be stacked on top of each other.


Reducing our carbon footprint with sustainable packaging

Using cardboard-based packaging is good for the planet. SpaceKraft boxes are made from 100% renewable fibre and fully recyclable.


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