Bakery FatsBacked by 400 years of collective experience in plantation management, our supplier is extensively involved in agribusiness and food. 

Our supplier is one of the world’s largest palm oil producers and landowners in the world. As one of the founding members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), the company seeks to advance the production, procurement and use of Palm Oil in manufacturing margarine and shortening.

See below for our extensive range of Fats and oils include bakery, shortening, margarine, speciality and customised fat products.


Refrigerated Margarine
Non-Refrigerated Margarine
Customised Specialised Margarine
Margarine Blends
Puff Pastry Sheet Margarine
Croissant Sheet Margarine
Pastry Margarine
Cake and Cream Margarine
Margarine and Butter Blends


Pure Palm Oil
Palm And Coconut Oil Blends
Premium Coconut Oil
Flavoured Oil

Encapsulated Oil Fat Powders

Palm Oil Fat Powder
Groundnut Oil Fat Powder
Corn Nut Oil Fat Powder
Coconut Oil Fat Powder

Specialty Fats & Oils

Chocolate Spread and Filling
Coating Fats
Filling Fats
Non Lauric Cocoa Butter Replacers
Filling Fats
Creaming Fats
Soft Confectionery Fats
Cocoa Butter Substitutes
Butter Oil Substitutes
Dairy Fat Replacers
Milk Fat Replacers
Refrigerated Vegetable Shortening
Non-Refrigerated Vegetable Shortening
Customised Vegetable Shortening
Specialty Shortening
Bakery Shortening