Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Experts in plant and herb extraction and encapsulation: our fruit and vegetable powders are extracted using GC and HPLC technology for more than 30 years. They are extracted using both solvent and water to manufacture and supply high-quality ingredients to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

We also have the ability to cater for tailor-made blends that require extraction and purification. Enabling technology of encapsulation makes our ingredients rich with distinctive features, benefits and application claims.

Our spray dried free flowing fruit and vegetable powders are:

  • 100% natural – obtained from either juice and or puree
  • Extracted using spray drying technology
  • No added synthetic colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Provides a full spectrum of fruit and vegetable powders
  • Processed under different meshes with good fluidity to preserve the maximum nutrition of the original fruits and vegetables

Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powders List

Common Applications:



Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Our Organic Fruit Powders are made from the highest quality raw ingredients and sourced globally. The advanced low-temperature spray drying technology ensures that our fruit powders are packed with original raw flavour, colour and essential nutrients.

Why A S Harrison & Co fruit powders?

  • Organic certified
  • Low-temperature spray drying technology
  • Water soluble
  • Extensive range

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powders List

Our supplier

A S Harrison & Co is committed to delivering a consistently high-quality product. Our supplier has an in-house quality control lab with an experienced team of quality control personnel dedicated to providing results. They specialise in cultivation, processing, R&D in organic ingredients industry.