Meet Powders

We supply high-quality meat powders that deliver the desired flavour and nutritional profile to your application. You can ensure that our meat powders are made only from premium ingredients with a fully traceable supply chain.


  • Pure meat powders
  • No viscera or by-products
  • Rich authentic flavours
  • Clean label
  • No additives, soy HVP or MSG
  • No unnecessary fillers or added salt
  • Very fine powders, easy mixing with other ingredients
  • Natural base for savoury flavours
  • Shelf life of at least 2 years
  • Dehydrated milled and spray dried options available
  • Custom blends (MOQ applicable)
  • Organic options available

Meat powders are available in:

  • Spray dried powders
  • Air dried fine granules
  • Organic powders

A number of chicken, beef and veal products are also available in an organic version.

A S Harrison & Co Meat Powders