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In order to meet new challenges in the food industry, A S Harrison & Co can provide innovative solutions and functional ingredients with excellent nutritional value. Thanks to our suppliers’ industrial and scientific expertise we offer high quality and safe ingredients that parallel with technological and nutritional advances.

Spray dried or extruded caseinates are highly purified proteins that provide viscosity, excellent nutritional value and protein enrichment.

Application: Fresh Dairy Food, cheese, ice creams, chocolate and confectionery, processed meat, fish and seafood, ready meals, creamers and fat powders, nutritional formulations.

General Protein Powders

Rice Protein Powder (80% minimum)
Feed Grade  Rice Protein Powder (65% minimum)
Yellow Pea Protein ( 75, 80, 85%)

Instant Protein Powders

Instant microgranular calcium caseinate with lecithin
Instant calcium caseinate with lecithin
Lecithin free instant calcium caseinate