VAN GEL®– Suspending agents

Van GEl® products offer clay purity and uniformity. For this reason, they are widely used in household and industrial cleaners, agricultural pesticide concentrates, abrasive suspensions, ceramic glazes and bodies, coatings, polishes, and industrial specialties. The industrial grades are used to provide suspension, emulsion stabilisation, and tailored rheology even at pH extremes.

VAN GEL® B is the most economical high purity industrial grade. It is recommended for general industrial applications in the pH 2 to pH 13 range. It is used in agricultural pesticide suspensions and emulsion concentrates, and in household and institutional liquid cleaners, polishes, oven and grill cleaners and aqueous paint strippers.

VAN GEL® ES provides maximum electrolyte stability.
VAN GEL® H is a high efficiency thickener for alkaline formations.
VAN GEL® O is a thickener and suspending agent in bleach cleaners.
VAN GEL® SX is a smectite clay/xanthan gum blend for high thickening and suspension efficiency.

VEEGUM® T – Smectite clay

VEEGUM® T clay – technical grade, offers high thickening and suspension efficiency, particularly in highly alkaline products.

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