CnidiumWhat is Cnidium Fruit Extract?

Cnidium monnieri is a pro-erectile and pungent herb native to China and extracted from the fruit of Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cusson. Grown in Korea, Mongolia and Russia, it has been introduced to the United States (Oregon) and European region. Cnidium monnieri is world-renowned for its health benefits and its efficacy as a sexual tonic.

Active ingredients

IUPAC: 7-methoxy-8-(3-methylbut-2-enyl)chromen-2-one
MW: 244.28 g/mol | MF: C15H16O3
CASNo.: 484-12-8
Osthole 10% – 98%

Benefits of Osthole

Osthole is a natural coumarin derived from the Cnidium plant. Cnidium seeds have been commonly applied in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, particularly in the formulations designed to warm the kidneys and strengthen yang energy. Known as an effective aphrodisiac, Cnidium is primarily used to overcome sexual malaise and strengthening pro-erectile sexual potency.

Cnidium extract may have following potential benefits:

  1. Enhances sexual performance (aphrodisiac and erectile function)
  2. Improves intelligence, memory, potentially Alzheimer’s disease preventer
  3. Improves bones strength
  4. Anti-mutagenesis (potential cancer preventer)
  5. Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, anti-pruritic, improves eczema and dermatitis

 Study Material

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