Dan shenWhat is Dan-shen Extract?

Highly valued for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, Salvia miltiorrhiza is a perennial flowering plant in the genus Salvia. Dan-shen also known as Red sage, Chinese sage and tan shen.

Remedies containing Dan-shen are traditionally used to treat various ailments which includes the likes of cardiac and vascular disorders such as atherosclerosis (“hardening” of the arteries with cholesterol plaques) and blood clotting abnormalities.

Active ingredients

Tanshinone I, tanshinone IIA, tanshinone IIB, protocatechuic aldehyde etc.

Potential benefits of Dan-shen Extract

  • Regulate blood circulation
  • Alleviates heart pain
  • Improves bone marrow deficiencies
  • Smoothen muscle constriction

What makes our tree Dan-shen Extract unique?

  • Free from solvents and pesticide residues
  • High content of tanshinone IIA
  • Very low heavy metals