HEBELYS® – Elasticity booster

GREENTECH has chosen DEINOVE to develop a new active from its range of extremophilic bacteria.

DEINOVE possesses a large catalogue with more than 6000 strains and masters the production of high-value compounds from rare bacteria. GREENTECH Research, an expert in cosmetic ingredients and notable ingredients from micro-organisms, collaborated with DEINOVE to identify the first extract with high potential. They worked on the production and purification processes and performed various tests to assess the efficiency of HEBELYS®

HEBELYS® helps to protect the skin regaining density, suppleness, and elasticity.

  • Restores skin structural integrity
  • Re-densifies and improves skin biomechanical properties
  • Fights against free radicals
  • Combats cellular ageing: outstanding results on p16 expression, a key marker for senescence, the ultimate phase of ageing

Young looking skin