QT 40® – Resculpt and Design Facial Contours

QT40® to re-sculpt and re-model facial contours: it improves firmness, elasticity, density and decreases skin sagging. QT40® reduces facial ptosis and the jawline is re-designed.

Qt 40 has a triple action on the extracellular matrix (ecM):

  • It improves the implementation of the ecM by stimulating the synthesis of its major compounds: collagens and hyaluronic acid
  • It maintains its architecture by stimulating the RHAMM gene expression that allows the increased synthesis of the RHAMM protein of the hyaluronic acid receptor and allowing its fixation on cells
  • It prevents degradation of the ECM by inhibiting the synthesis of MMP1 and 3 (Matrix MetalloProteinases), enzymes degrading specifically collagens.