ReverskinPhytobioactive Reverskin®

Phytobioactive, quintessence of nature, maximum concentration of natural active ingredients

Smoothing volumator

Tropical fern

Reverskin® re-creates the volume and the relief of a young skin. Highly concentrated in phytoecdysones, this is a powerful cell booster that slows down the ageing process.

By acting at all levels, from the dermo-epidermal junction to the stratum corneum surface, Reverskin® stimulates cell renewal and plumps-up skin while smoothing it. The epidermis becomes more stratified, the stratum corneum restructured, the skin surface re-organized and the hydration maintained.

Cosmetic Benefits
Skin, more elastic and firmer, is plumped up; wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion is radiant.

Anti-ageing, regenerating, densifying, anti-wrinkle, smoothing care