Dimethisil® HNH-LV is a unique cationic modified silicone fluid. This hindered amine fluid enables clear conditioning shampoos and body washes

Dimethisil® HNH-MV improves wet and dry comb, adds softness to hair.

Dimethisil® HNH-HV is a hindered amine fluid which is substantive to hair and skin.

Microsil® Finish is a hindered amine emulsion that delivers volume and anti-frizz as well as excellent softness and shine to hair. It can be used as a rinse-off or leave-in conditioner.

Microsil® HAF-HV is a cationic silicone substantive to hair. It delivers clear compatibility in anionic detergent systems. Perfect in 2-in-1 shampoos and body washes.

Microsil® HAF-MV30 is a hindered amine emulsion which provides colour highlights and shine. Minimal impact on viscosity and foam when formulated in anionic shampoo bases.

Microsil® Volume – is a hindered amine emulsion. The active silicones used in Microsil® Volume act as free radical scavengers and anti-oxidants which aid in overall health of the hair through protection from heat, UV rays and other environmental factors.

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