Oleosomes are oil structures that plants have evolved over millions of years to store and protect the energy source (vegetable oil) for the germination process. Oleosomes are broad HLB emulsifiers that allow you to make cold process or hot process emulsions. All the Hydresia products are palm free, PEG free, Ecocert and NPA approved. To learn more about the Hydresia® products and the oleosome technology, please watch the video.

Hydresia®SF2 is a powerful emulsifier: due to the unique structure of Oleosomes, Hydresia®SF2 functions as a cold process natural emulsifying system which operates over a wide HLB range, allowing formulators to make sustainable emulsions at a reduced manufacturing cost. It is also a proven delivery system as oleosomes are proven to liberate their contents onto the skin surface over time via delayed release for improved aesthetics in nearly all personal care applications, including alcohol hand sanitisers.

Hydresia®G2 functions as an efficient emulsifier compatible in most surfactant systems, and is ideal to enhance stability of a variety of cleanser products. Hydresia® G2 contains encapsulated safflower oil along with vitamin E, and delivers its contents to the skin over time, through the collapse of the Oleosome structure. Consumers notice an immediate moisturisation benefit that lasts.

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