LexFilm® Sun is a water resistant polymer and solubiliser for sun care. It is a synergistic combination of a high molecular weight, water-resistant polymer with a light dry emollient. The combination yields a fluid with superior solubility for organic UV filters. LexFilm® Sun is the only component needed in the oil phase of most sun care formulations. This product can also improve transfer resistance in colour cosmetics such as lipsticks, mascara, and foundations.

LexFilm® Spray is a water resistant film-forming system for hydro-alcoholic spray sunscreens. It is a specialised polymer combined with a high dielectric constant emollient. This product allows for total retention of UV absorbers on the skin. Unlike other polymers that are solids or powders, LexFilm® Spray is a pourable liquid that is readily soluble in water/alcohol phases, and offers tremendous ease-of-use in formulation and production.

Beautiful woman applying sunscreen on her legs