Diols and Diol blends

Inolex offers the three market leading glycol type materials that are the most effective for alternative preservation strategies. These products include Lexgard® O and Lexgard® GMCY (Ecocert approved).

These materials are multifunctional, offering great humectancy and skin feel. The latest diol launched by Inolex is Lexgard® H, ideal for sensitive facial applications, where low irritation is required.

Many formulators enjoy the benefits of pre-made glycol blends. They offer tremendous convenience, ensuring the liquid product is easy to pour without any pre-heating. Lexgard Natural is Ecocert approved.

Lexgard® O-LO

Lexgard O-LO is a low odour alternative to caprylyl glycol and is ideal for beauty brands interested in alternative preservation targeting a consumer segment with odour-sensitivity. A multifunctional bacteriostatic agent, Lexgard O-LO can be used as an alternative to traditional preservatives such as parabens and is ideal for fragrance-free formulations. Read more

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