Titanium dioxide is the most commonly used white pigment. Because of its high degree of whiteness and opacity, it is used for foundation. The chloride treatment used to produce the rutile grade enables to get the purest grades of titanium. PFC 407 is a highly stable rutile grade that achieves the highest whitening properties.

Ultrafine particle size titanium dioxide is often used in sunscreen cosmetics as an ultraviolet protection material to help protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. The TTO series are composed of many grades with variation in particle size, shape, and surface properties, which allow customers to use the most suitable grade and to develop new applications. Try TTO-55 C and TTO-80 A for beachwear sunscreens or TTO-V4, TTO-55 A or TTO-55 E for both daily wear and beachwear sunscreens.

Ultrafine particle size zinc oxide is also used in sunscreen cosmetics as an ultraviolet protection material. It is superior in UV-A shielding, whereas ultrafine titanium dioxide is superior in UV-B shielding. Try FZO-50 for a transparent broad spectrum protection and MPT-146 to improve the UVA performance and critical wavelength of your sunscreen.