Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Taurates

Pureact I-78C is a mild surfactant specifically designed for use in personal cleansing products. Pureact I-78C is high foaming, nearly salt-free and is resistant to hard and salt water. It is compatible with soap and gives excellent lime-soap dispersibility in order to retard the formation of scum in bar soaps. Innospec SCIs are available in various concentrations and forms.

Pureact WS Conc. is a 30% active material that is manufactured in paste form and has a higher activity than other commercially available cocoyl taurate surfactants. It is compatible with all nonionic and anionic surfactants, is stable at extreme pH conditions, and is effective under hard water conditions. Pureact WS Conc. provides exceptional foaming and a flash foam that provides large, lacey bubbles. It is considered sulfate-free and can be used in many cosmetic preparations, and shampoos due to its excellent foaming properties, lubricity, detergency, and mildness. Pureact WS Conc. is palm-free and naturally derived from coconut.

Pureact MS-CG is a low odour and colour oleoyl taurate. It is a sulfate-free, mild surfactant that is often used in personal care cleansing applications such as shampoos and bodywashes. Pureact MS-CG has been shown to aid in viscosity building of Innospec’s Iselux® surfactant along with cocamidopropyl betaine.