Chemsil K-51 is a clear elastomer gel compound with a luxuriously dry feel. It leaves a matte finish on skin with a powdery or talc like after feel.

Chemsil K-61 provides a silky feel, great spreading agent, non-greasy with water repelling qualities. Dries quickly to a matte finish.

Cosmetic Fluid 7007-DM provides luxurious long lasting skin feel and a matte finish. Excellent spreadability, playtime, cushion and feel.

Chemsil SPD is a non-ionic aqueous dispersion that provides wrinkle veiling benefits via its micronized particles and absorbs oil. Leaving the skin silky smooth, dry powdery after-feel with a matte finish.

Cosmetic Fluid 1406-DM is a silicone Gum Blend with skin protecting properties and offers water resistance to skin lotions and creams. Cyclic-free compound.

Cosmetic Fluid 1585-ID is a silicone Gum Blend that provides excellent compatibility with organic raw materials. Great skin emollient, adds silky softness and shine to hair.

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