Emulsil® WO-5115 is excellent in preparing water-in-oil emulsions with a silicone base. It has low odour, less greasy water in oil products, improved water repellency, rich application feel and no heat required for stability.

Emulsil® S-395 is a silicone polyether soluble in water, alcohol or hydro-alcoholic systems. It is odourless, stabilises lower viscosity products. Light/oil-free feel and non-irritating to the skin.

Emulsil® S-397 is a 100% active, odourless medium for water-in-silicone and water-in-oil emulsions. Is soluble in water, alcohol and hydro alcoholic systems. Odourless, hydrophobic, long lasting, light/oil-free feel.

Emulsil® S-290 is an alkyl Dimethicone copolyol silicone emulsifier which is ideally suited to produce elegant W/O creams and lotions but without the greasiness and heaviness of typical water-in-oil systems. It is a non-ionic W/O emulsifier based on silicone. The combination of alkyl and PEG groups on the silicone backbone lead to an HLB value of 3 which provides emulsification and stabilization of W/O emulsions. The optimum range for total oil content is 22-35%.

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