Vanzan® NF-C produces clear xanthan gum solutions for applications where clarity is essential. It conforms to the USP/NF Xanthan Gum monograph. Vanzan® xanthan gum is a high molecular weight water soluble polysaccharide that is widely used as a rheology control agent for aqueous systems. It increases viscosity, helps to stabilise emulsions, and prevents the settling of solids in a wide variety of applications.

The xanthan polymer network makes Vanzan® Xanthan Gum a highly efficient thickener for water-based systems. Concentrations as low as 0.1% by weight will cause a significant increase in viscosity. Concentrations greater than 1.0% by weight will result in very high viscosity systems with gel-like consistency. Some applications for this product are moisturising gels, washing gels, washing and facial scrubs.

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