VEEGUM®Magnesium Aluminium Silicate is a natural Smectite clay that has been water washed to optimise purity and performance. Just like all Smectite clays, it needs to be hydrated in water –  free of any additives – to allow platelets to separate and form colloidal structures before other formula ingredients are added. The strong colloidal structure of VEEGUM® is known to suspend solids or gas, and to stabilise emulsions. Unlike other rheology modifiers, VEEGUM® has strong synergistic effects with organic and synthetic thickeners to optimise viscosity and flow properties.  VEEGUM® enhances skin feel by inhibiting the tackiness of natural gums or polymeric thickeners and can work in wide pH systems from acid to alkaline.

VEEGUM® viscosity varies depending on the grade, but it is not a true high viscosity thickener, and it doesn’t have any emulsifying properties. This is why it is often recommended to be used with other thickeners to potentiate the viscosity of commonly known thickeners. The synergistic effect is powerful.

VEEGUM® initial viscosity is influenced by all water-soluble ingredients, including electrolytes, alcohol, oil, etc, which makes it an excellent additive for all type of water-based formulations. It is also excellent in reconstitutable powder products, like powder face mask, powder face washes or powder shampoos.

Depending on the type of finished product, many different grades are available – some being Ecocert approved.

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