ROSSEP® lab simulation by AWC is a reliable method for validating and optimising RO/NF antiscalant dosages for a given water analysis. It will reduce the time you spend optimising plant operations and significantly increase productivity.

5 ways of how ROSSEP® process benefits our customers:

  • Significantly reduce plant operation cost
  • Quick and reliable plant operation optimisation
  • Cost savings by using reduced amount of antiscalant and cleaning chemicals
  • Reduce the necessity for reverse osmosis (RO) cleaning and increase interval period between cleaning
  • Increase productivity

ROSSEP® process can:

  • Replicate the exact types of scale that can form in any given system
  • Reliably determine the most effective antiscalant dosage and optimum pH for a given water analysis
  • Produce more accurate data than pilot trials – no interference from organic/biological or suspended solids fouling
  • Accurately predict the outcome of a 6 months pilot trial in a single day
  • Provide accurate data avoiding any software error


STEP 1 – Collect Water analysis and system information including plant configuration RO types
STEP 2 – Run projections through PROTON® software entering all the water analysis information and plant configuration – i.e. pH value, temp, flux rate etc.
STEP 3 – Synthesise concentrate water – using water analysis to produce exact water which emulates the projected plant water
STEP 4 – Replicate field operation in lab – run the synthetic water through the pilot RO plant emulating the exact condition of the projected RO plant
STEP 5 – Determine fouling mechanisms by observing the running trial in the pilot RO plant
STEP 6 – Compare inhibitors required through the RO plant trial with the antiscalant projected by the PROTON® software
STEP 7 – Optimise dosage and pH according to the real trial and fixing any software error
STEP 8 – Apply correct chemical at appropriate rate

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