Reduce the risk of static electricity with Statsafe™

Electrostatic charge is generated wherever there is flow or movement of liquids: flow in pipes, mixing, dissolving, spraying or crystallisation. For highly conductive liquids with proper earthing, this charge can flow harmlessly to ground. However, if the conductivity of liquid hydrocarbon is low, static charge can build up and form a spark, which could potentially lead to fire or explosion. Proper grounding is likely not being enough to avoid any fire.

Static Issues

  • Static electricity is often overlooked as a source of ignition when handling flammable chemicals
  • The generation of static charge is hard to eliminate
  • Elimination of a flammable atmosphere can be impractical
  • Electrostatic ignitions in the presence of flammable atmosphere can have devastating effects causing fire or explosion

Does your business have the risk of static electricity? Watch this safety video by US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) to see how static sparks an explosion in Kansas, USA.

Statsafe™ – Anti-Static Additives

Statsafe™ is a range of static dissipator additives which improve production throughput, increase conductivity, reduce electrostatic hazards and protect manufacturing equipment in a variety of applications, including:

  • Solvents and coatings
  • Rolling mills
  • Lubricants
  • Foil stamping
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Metal extraction
  • Polyolefins

Technical support (Site visits)

We offer FREE onsite conductivity measurement with our in house Emcee 1153 conductivity meter and can produce dose curves for Statsafe™ in your solvents. Engineering support is available to help with dosing recommendations.

If you think there is static electricity risk in your business and want to discuss options to reduce that risk, get in touch with Kris Lawry, our Technical Account Manager.

T: +61 2 8978 1008